Translation, Interpreting and Training

Every translation is priced per amount of words.  Therefore, the larger the amount of words you have to translate the better the cost you will receive. On an individual basis calculate approximately 3,000 words a day. For large amounts of urgent work, I also work with a specialist team of translators who can also be brought into play.

Interpreting work is costed on a daily basis. I can interpret at corporate or social occasions at (almost!) any location in the world.  I have direct experience at international sporting events, sales conferences, international trade fairs, training courses, group meetings and one-to-one interviews.  These call upon a wide range of skills including fact finding, negotiating, problem solving and feedback.  One of my more recent skill sets is within the nuclear power industry where I have been interpreting and translating for many of the Spanish power stations

Working with corporate clients to help them give effective presentations, conduct successful negotiations and communicate correctly in English. This includes social language skills, cultural differences, industry-specific terminology, delivery techniques and use of auxiliary and technological aids.


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